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Copywriting for Marketing

Understand Copywriting as A Technique for Digital Marketing

In the digital era, copywriters are becoming increasingly important, especially for those who want to have a career in the digital world. Starting from writing content for websites, social media, email marketing, and blogs, you must have the ability to write something interesting and engaging. The definition of copywriting is a technique for writing advertising material/script that is persuasive and encourages people to do something, for example buying. So the purpose of copywriting is to sell the brand’s products and services.

Characteristics of Copywriting

The world of writing is diverse, such as copywriting, content writing, article writing, and many more. Each type also has its own characteristics. The following things can be found in copywriting:

• Focus on persuasion and sales.

• Use persuasive and emotional language.

• Put the points of the product or service benefits

• Use a clear CTA that asks for a response.

• Usually shorter and more concise

Types of Copywriting

1. Website Copywriting

This first type is text that is read from the company’s website and landing page. Each page will have a different function, challenging the ability to interact with visitors.

2. SEO Copywriting

This SEO role is similar to an SEO content writer. The task is to create keyword optimized content for the website. This ensures the page content can be in the highest position in the SERP.

3. Product Copywriting

The main focus of this type is product promotion. The writing is in the form of a product description on the website product page.

4. Ad Copywriting

Writing designed to objectively advertise a product depends on the marketing channel. It starts with awareness, consideration and purchase.

5. Social Media Copywriting

This type is often seen in various social media content. Every brand has its own brand voice. Therefore, social media content inevitably has different styles.

6. B2B Copywriting

B2B stands for business to business, so copywriters target companies that focus on selling products or services to other companies.

7. B2C Copywriting

B2C means business for consumers, so copywriters were created to encourage people or consumers to act and buy. To create effective B2C, copywriters must know their audience well and market their products directly.

8. Creative Copywriting

This type is a way of creating copy that is designed to stand out from the competition. Regardless, the copywriter remains consistent with the brand identity, so the audience sees continuity.

By understanding the kind of copywriting, you will more focus of what you write. Also, the audience will easier to get the point of the copywriting. Consult your writing need with us!

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