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Search Ads and Display Ads, What’s the Difference?

As we already know, technological developments are increasingly advanced and have penetrated transaction activities. Through online marketing, buying and selling activities become faster and easier, one of which is through the Google Ads platform. After previously knowing Google Ads as a Digital Advertisement, this article will discuss the types of advertising in Google Ads.

Google Ads itself has various types of ads, such as Display Ads, Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and App Ads. However, search ads (SEM) and Display Ads (GDN) are often used. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Display Network (GDN) display differently when users see their ads. For SEM, it is in the form of writing and GDN is in the form of images.

What is Search Ad?

Search Ads can be easily found when we search for an item or information via search engines, such as Google and Bing. Search Ads are advertisements in the form of text that appear when you type a keyword. Usually, the first search with the mark “ads” or “advertisement” indicates it is a Search Ad.

Search Ads themselves usually consist of 3 parts, namely: title, display URL, and description text which presents brief information. The goal is to convince the audience to click on the ad. Therefore, the main strategy in this type of advertising is to use the right keywords according to the product/service being offered.

What is Display Ad?

Different from Search Ads, Display Ads display advertisements with images or videos. Apart from news portals and websites, display ads can also be found on YouTube ads, Facebook ads and Instagram. Just like Search Ads, this type of advertising is also characterized by “ads”.

For this ad, we can be more specific in targeting the audience. The target options are demographics, interests, and remarketing. This aims to further refine the target audience.

Even though the two types of advertising are different, they can be used as a comprehensive marketing platform strategy. Keyword optimization can be done to achieve maximum advertising results. Apart from that, A/B testing, metric analysis, and targeting parameter refinement can also be carried out for advertising effectiveness.

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