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Tools for A Social Media Specialist: Make your Job Easier!

As a social media specialist, you have an obligation to always be up to date in following developments in trends. This will help you get fresh ideas to be superior to your competitors and succeed in attracting the attention of your audience. Various tools are available, both paid and free, to help you carry out your tasks. The following are the tools you need to know.

Tools for Knowing the Latest Trends

Maintaining the relevance of marketing strategies does not escape the alignment of current trends. This is so that the content created will be more interesting in the eyes of the audience. The following are tools that you can use to catch the latest trends:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a site owned by Google and functions as a tool to provide data about trends and how often certain keywords are searched for in the Google search engine. Apart from that, Google Trends also provides information about search volume and geographic details related to the keyword. Given the unmatched popularity of the Google search engine around the world, it is not surprising that Google Trends can provide highly accurate keyword trends based on current events.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool for keyword research that has become a friend of professional optimizers all over the world. The reason why this SEO tool is so popular because it provides very complete features and services, starting from link building, keyword research, competitor site analysis, keyword trends and volume, backlink analysis, CPC, CPS, ranking, parent topic, and others. Ahrefs has several features grouped according to their specialization. These features are Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit.

The two tools above are examples that you can use when you are looking for trends. Apart from these two tools, you can also use Ubersuggest, Instagram Explorer, AnswerThePublic, and others. Choose the tool that you think is the best and can meet your search needs.

Tools that Help in the Visual Content Creation Process

Currently, there is a lot of software that can help you make the content visualization process easier. Even if you are not yet proficient in using graphic design software or a professional video editor, you can still design well. The following software or applications can be used:

1. Canva

One application that you can use to create various visual content designs for your website or blog for free. Canva actually has two versions, namely paid (pro) and free. However, you can enjoy various features without having to buy the premium version. If you use Canva, you don’t need professional design skills because there are various free features that are easy to use so the process of creating designs will be easier and faster. Canva offers various features, such as editing images and setting layouts, templates for banners or book covers, as well as a multitude of stock photos. Furthermore, Canva also has a friendly user interface so users can learn quickly.

2. Capcut

CapCut is a complete and free video editing application for anyone who wants to create anything, anywhere. CapCut users can create videos with a variety of editing features. Similar to TikTok, CapCut allows users to select the sounds they want to use in videos. If you place yourself as a musician in this application, you will get royalties when the music is used in CapCut videos.

3. InShot

Another application that can be used to edit a photo/video is InShot. Unlike the VivaVideo, VideoShow, and VideoPad applications, the InShot application cannot combine several videos or photos. This application focuses more on video editing such as adding songs, themes, blurring the background, adding text and stickers, as well as other features that you can use.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tools

To find out whether the content we upload is successful or not, we need to carry out monitoring and analysis. Some of them are HootSuite, Google Alerts, Hubspot, and others. Here’s the explanation:

1. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management platform that allows you to schedule posts, track mentions, and analyze your social media performance. Other side, if you want to know about the performance of the keywords and hashtags that are related to your product/brand, you can use this platform.

2. Google Alerts

This platform can be used if you need basic monitoring. You can get a notification from this platform if your brand/products are being mentioned because it scans through the web. It also provides what sources that contain your brand name, such as sites, blogs, or forums.

3. HubSpot

If you need a platform or application that can help you manage and monitor the data of social media in one page, you can easily use HubSpot Social Tool. This platform can help identify content that generates engagement, respond to social conversations, and collect data on new followers.

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